Meet Bill

Sometimes business comes naturally to people and sometimes naturally business comes to you.

Bill Stevens was born in Jackson, Michigan but grew up in Southern California on the sunny beaches of San Diego. Like many successful businessmen, Bill learned firsthand by working in his father’s residential and commercial painting company. As a teenager he not only ran his own crew but grew to be responsible for 70 employees and numerous projects before his 17th birthday.

As a young man, Bill started his own company and moved to Tucson, Arizona where he became the youngest person ever to qualify for his license through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. His contracting work lead Bill to real estate where he flourished handling investments that included property acquisition, mortgages and investment portfolio planning.

Entrepreneurs are inherently first adaptors so as the real estate market collapsed Bill took his skill and energy to a fledgling medical marijuana industry. He quickly was able to secure the necessary assets to start a cultivation site that lead to him becoming a major partner in the Leaf Life Dispensary. Bill directed his efforts to streamline the cultivation and dispensary operations for Leaf Life which resulted in significant growth for the business. His keen business acumen and his passion for the use of cannabinoids as medicine for people in need have forged him as a leader in medical marijuana industry.