We feel like growing cannabis has become this process that maximizes yield through chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. HiBuddy is not about that. We’re committed to delivering the most organic, highest quality medical marijuana available to our friends in Arizona. Our grow process is highly organic; from the soil we plant in to the process we employ and the non-toxic, all-natural products we use to make our plants healthy for you.

Almost all of the marijuana grown in Arizona uses an accelerated process that requires lots of stuff we don’t think is good for our end user. We’re bringing it back to the days when Mother Nature had a bigger say in the end product. Our grow process is more about getting the finest product from real, living soil in the best grow climate in the state.

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So how do we make that happen?

We grow in Prescott, Arizona in soil that has a natural abundance of well-balanced nutrients. The elevation gives us more UV exposure which enhances the health of the plant. We have experienced growers who utilize a probiotic grow process that makes the plant healthy without the use of chemicals. This process is very different from other grows as we use other plants to provide natural nitrogen that also helps retain moisture. This gives our plants an all-natural upbringing and makes us more farm and less lab.

We also move air gently through the grow so our plants get additional stimulation from the fresh air that eliminates any fungus growth and naturally enhances flower pollination. The entire grow is free of pesticides and chemicals.