CO2 Dab Oil

Made from our organic flower

Extracted using supercritical CO2

To ensure a purer, lipid free dab we winterize and triple filter in our SOLOW cryogenic freezer

A 5-day low temp purge preserves cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids while making sure our product is clean

Each batch is tested by a third-party laboratory, with results proving our products have as close to zero residuals as possible

Whole Plant Extract (WPE)

Made from our organic flower

Can be taken orally or applied topically

Tiered Decarboxylation (e.g. Bubblegum WPE is fully activated, 600mg THC per gram)

Residual free, extracted using supercritical CO2

Full-spectrum profile, promoting the entourage effect

Discreet way of medicating

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